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500 Events at the NCCC

 | National Convention Centre Canberra

Personally, I have been involved with in excess of 500 events at the NCCC.

SBX has been around in a different guise since the early 70`s and performed the first exhibition at the National Convention Centre Canberra in 1989 (SBX since 1995). A very proud moment and a considerable step up in newly built exhibition space for Canberra.

Personally, I have been with SBX for 21 years (1996) and over that time have been involved with in excess of 500 events at the NCCC.

The NCCC is a cut above as quality is involved in every aspect, of every function both internally and externally from clients to suppliers.

The NCCC attracts the full gamet of exhibitions and events from table top Expos to Corporate Events including Medical, Defence, Government, Travel. The majority of these events require full catering again undertaken at a very high dedication to quality.

The NCCC team from the first contact to execution of your Expo are a substantial cut above the national average, their commitment to planning flows to a well planned and executed event. Key time points are met and the venue is cleaned and well presented.

The Cyber Security exhibition is a highlight in any given year, the venue suits the event, quality, experience, commitment, dedication, timing, and welcoming.

MILCIS for Defence is another quality exhibition that fills the NCCC and brings a quality component through exhibitors and delegates. Universities Australia also enjoys an annual exhibition at the NCCC.

Peter Mercer General Manager Operations SBX www.sbx.biz

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