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Bill Bailey - Thoughtifier

National Convention Centre Canberra Concerts | National Convention Centre Canberra

Stand-up Show / National Convention Centre Canberra

27 October 2024
Sunday 8:00 pm

With his trademark musical stylings and characteristic wit, Bill returns with a new show, Thoughtifier...

Thoughtifier / noun

  1.  an intriguing device that can amplify the thoughts of a curious mind using music, channelled through a human instrument, known as Bill Bailey
  2. (colloquial) a person resembling Bill Bailey

At a point in our evolution when it seems as if we’re sleepwalking into a world where humans might be redundant, and much of what we do, can be done better and more efficiently by machines, what better time to celebrate our own flawed humanity.

And what better guide to lead is than Bill..

to take us on a jaunt through the error-strewn, distracted, crumb-festooned, sometimes magnificent history of human thought, and how it might help us survive in this brave new world.

A magical, musical mystery tour of the human mind,

Along with some other pressing matters about whales, biophilia, and unrequited love

and other thoughts

Amplified With Music,

Welcome to Thoughtifier!

Hurry, these shows will sell out!


“An ability to open his mouth and spontaneously say something hysterically funny”

The Guardian

“He is on irresistible form”

The Telegraph

“Superb stand-up”

Time Out

PS: If you're attending the show, why not make a night of it and enjoy a pre-show cocktail or dinner at Crowne Plaza Canberra?

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