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TheMHS Conference 2024 - Finding common ground

Finding common ground | National Convention Centre Canberra

Conference / National Convention Centre Canberra

27-30 August 2024


There are many valid perspectives in mental health. They are informed by both lived and learned experience. Our differences and unique perspectives contribute to the richness of our sector.

However, views are often polarised with a strongly held and protected position that can make collaboration and collective action more difficult.

There has never been a more important time to consider ways in which we can come together in a place where difference is respected, understood and valued, and where we can learn to create and find space for a shared view that creates momentum for change. We call this shared space a Common Ground.

The 2024 TheMHS Conference will look beyond the mental health system to learn how differing views can be brought together for wider impact.

Through a lens of finding common ground, we will explore critical areas where change is advancing rapidly including the use of Artificial Intelligence, Lived & Learned Expertise Workforce, Climate Change, Service Delivery Models and the wider context in which we live our lives.

We will celebrate people and organisations that have found a middle ground to collaborate and innovate, and be reminded of the challenges that remain whilst celebrating the many things that already work well. It will be a conference that, like no other, welcomes debate, deep dialogue and collective wisdom to ensure we all benefit from better mental health.

This event is over multiple nights, please check the event listings upon Booking*

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